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Artificial Christmas Trees: Naughty or Nice?

christmas tree

christmas treechristmas treeTo enjoy Christmas festivities without spending a lot of money and getting troubled by health and safety hazards, why not go for artificial Christmas trees? Apart from the convenience, affordability and environmental impact, artificial trees are considered especially appealing for their investment value when compared with the recurrent, annual expense of a real Christmas tree.

Since the invention of these alternatives in the early 1930s, well-made artificial Christmas trees from have continued to gain widespread popularity. Here are some of the reasons these trees have become a common choice for many homeowners:

Man-made Materials – Durable decorations made of plastic and resins are an ideal option because of their durability. Artificial Christmas trees are in no way inferior to the natural version, both in appearance and style. High quality materials used in these items provide a wide range of choices in terms of size, shade and foliage to match the taste of every customer. Also, they retain their original look even after several years. They’re less prone to wear and tear.

Ease of Use – Artificial Christmas trees are convenient. Packed in quality boxes, these trees retain their original shape and texture, even after unpacking them. Reassembling the branches and sections is also easy, making these trees the perfect choice for busy homeowners.

Minimum Maintenance – Unlike natural trees, artificial trees do not demand frequent vacuum cleaning. There is no need for any special care, messy watering and other complex maintenance tasks. You can display them a few months prior to the festivities and remove them easily at the end of the season.

Money Friendly Option – Buying real pine trees every year is costly, so homeowners can save more with artificial trees, as they are a one-time investment.

Free from Safety and Health Concerns – Real trees may pose serious threats to health and safety, but artificial trees reduce the risks of fire due to their fire resistant materials.

Real trees also tend to attract more dust —one of the major causes of allergies. So, for commercial and residential Christmas displays, man-made trees are the best choice. Don’t forget to fill them up with homemade decorations and other ornaments.

Different Garden Designs To Suit Your Lifestyle

gardengardenWith the great amount of outdoor space and rich flora and fauna in Essex, property owners in the area are sure to want a well-kept garden. This is something that the landscape gardeners of Essex are very much well-aware of.

Through the years they have become very familiar not only with the earth, the flowers and plants that suit the county’s season, but also not surprising the varied requests from their clients. One thing for sure though, the talent and capabilities of landscape gardeners are without any doubt, top-notch.

Many of these companies, cites experts from, are very much acquainted with the various styles of gardens and gardening.  Landscape gardeners are very capable of working in every design and, through the years, have worked on every possible landscape design available. Here are some of the typical garden designs that they are very much familiar with.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens may look simple, but take a lot of work. They typically work on simple elements: nicely arranged rocks, well-brushed sand, and manicured lawns or bushes. The effect should be very relaxing and if there is a pool available, typically, there will be a fish or two swimming in it. The purpose of the Japanese garden, with its obsessive detail and symmetry, is to provide a place of relaxation and contemplation.

Spanish Gardens

Spanish gardens on the other hand are usually a mixture of Moorish architecture and fragrant flowers. Long water channels are optional, but a few lush trees are typically found dotting the garden to provide shade. This type of garden is usually perfect for warm climates and gives off a romantic feel.

English Gardens

English gardens are all about being ideal: the lawns, though not as perfectly manicured as the French aristocratic gardens are still well-kept, the lake, and the gazebo. Gothic architecture also figures very much into the design with influences coming from the 18th century. The effect that the English gardens usually go for is to appear painterly, even poetically, as if it is fit for a postcard or for a painter to paint.

If you are ever to visit Essex, you will not want for beautiful gardens to visit. You can take delight in the colours and lovely designs; they may even inspire you to grow your own garden.

Top 5 Factors to Consider when Looking for a Boat for Sale or Auction


boatboatBoating is a pastime enjoyed by many people all over the world. It gives them a chance to enjoy the outdoors and to feel and smell the fresh water of the lake or ocean. In Australia, you can get boats for sale or at an auction very easily.

To get the most of your boating experience, you need to choose the right boat, according to Pickles Auctions and other experts.

Before you cash in, here are five things that you need to consider when looking for one:

• Budget

Boats are big-ticket items that can put a big dent in your savings. An error that most first-time buyers experience is underestimating the cost of insurance as well as operating and costs of maintenance.

• Weight Capacity

Failing to consider the weight capacity can be very dangerous. This means you need to take into account the number of passengers. You need to think of the weight of the gear, equipment, electronics, and other luggage.

• Water Conditions

Where will you be taking your boat? Do you simply want to have a relaxing time at the lake or are you interested in sailing the open ocean?

The size and type of boat to consider should be appropriate to the water conditions. Operation of the boat in either fresh or salt water has an effect on materials and construction. It is essential that you do not underestimate the corrosiveness of saltwater and its inherent effects on metal and other moving parts.

• Storage Options

Where do you plan to store the boat? This factor can affect greatly the design, cost, transportation and maintenance issues. Make sure you factor this into your decision making process.

• Safety

Safety is probably the most important factor when considering purchasing a vessel. Make sure that you have undergone the right training in safety and navigation before you even consider purchasing your very own boat.

The Doctor is Ready to See You Right Now: Defining Dental Emergencies

dentistdentistDental emergency is actually an umbrella term used to define concerns involving the teeth, gums, and any surrounding tissues found within the oral cavity. Not many people know that dental emergencies do not always constitute pain, but it is often the first sign that you need to see your dentist immediately.

Here are some of the main causes of dental emergencies, as discussed by Booragoon Dental Clinic and the Australian Dental Association:

Dental Trauma

This is one of the most common reasons people seek immediate dental help.  Trauma refers to injuries on tissues of the oral cavity, including all teeth structures. Dental trauma can be the result of blunt force due to an accident or intentional assault. Some of the most common concerns here are enamel or crown fracture, and chipped, broken, or completely knocked out teeth.

Broken or Lost Filling

Broken dental fillings are another dental emergency that needs to be looked after immediately. This condition may cause discomfort and sharp pain as a result of the jagged edges. Patients are advised to avoid running their tongue over or against the sharp edges to avoid injury.  In some cases, the result of lost fillings can cause significant irritation to the cheeks that may eventually lead to the formation of a mouth ulcer.

Periodontal Abscess

This is a condition characterised by localised inflammation of the periodontal tissues. This is due to bacteria colonising the periodontal pockets. It has a rapid onset, and the pain is often stimulated by even the slightest touch.  Patients will require immediate antibiotic treatment and possible surgery to drain the abscess.

Tooth Avulsion

This dental emergency involves the tooth being completely displaced out of its original socket. Damage to the periodontal ligament and pulpal necrosis may occur if immediate treatment is not administered.

These are just some of the conditions that constitute a dental emergency. If you ever find yourself or a family member dealing with such pain, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

5 Must-Know Money-Saving Tips for the Apartment Life


The apartment life has its own charm, especially when you consider the level of independence living in one. But it comes with a cost – a hefty one, at that. Soon enough, you might be surprised at how expensive the apartment life can get, especially when you have no idea how to keep your costs down.

apartmentapartmentFortunately, you don’t have to reach that point before you maintain a more frugal life in an apartment. Here are some tips that can help you save some money whilst living the apartment life:

Negotiate Your Rate

You’re practical – not a cheapskate – when you know how to haggle your rent. It’s perfectly normal to try and get a lower rate for the space you would rent. After all, an apartment isn’t exactly the cheapest investment out there. Establish a good relationship with your (would-be) landlord and polish your negotiation skills to lower your costs.

Share the Expense

Living the solo life (especially on your first apartment) can be quite costly, so consider sharing the expense with a roommate. When you have someone to live with, you automatically halve your expenses – not to mention that you feel less lonely with some company around. says many apartment units for sale have two bedrooms, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having some privacy and your own personal space.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Not because you have an AC available means you have to turn it on whenever it’s a little hot. An AC, after all, consumes a substantial amount of energy – which takes its toll on your electricity bill. The best course of action is to keep your energy costs down even through simple ways, such as opening the windows or installing shades and curtains.

Furnish on the Cheap

Don’t get too excited at the prospect of living in an apartment, even if it’s your first time. Your excitement can drive you overboard with your furniture shopping, so get a grip before you head to the store. As much as possible, get double-duty furniture pieces to save on the expenses and maximise your space.

Strategise Your Use of Space

Speaking of space, it’s easier to maintain a low-cost apartment life when you know how to manage your space. Many renters spend a lot on storage, so a good strategy with where your possessions go can significantly keep your living costs down. If you’re running out of surfaces where to store your items, use these ingenious storage hacks.

Apartment life may be challenging finance-wise, but that doesn’t mean it should break the bank. Keep these strategies in mind to maintain a practical lifestyle.

3 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Usage at Home

Light BulbLight BulbEnergy costs across Australia have steadily been on the rise over the last decade. One reason for the increase is simply due to higher demand as consumers connect more electrical devices and appliances. Estimates indicate that a typical household will spend between $1,500 to $2,500 a year on electricity costs.

Reducing energy usage can easily save homeowners hundreds of dollars.

Electricity costs can be reduced by a considerable amount by implementing simple measures around the home. Some of these measures are relatively straightforward but others will require licensed electricians in Perth or one in your area. The result is a far more energy efficient home that runs on less energy.

The following are 3 proven ways to reduce electricity costs for your home.

1. Use Alternate Heating and Cooling Methods Nearly half of energy usage in homes is for heating and cooling. Costs tend to fluctuate throughout the year but are generally highest during the summer and winter months. Make the following adjustments to reduce these costs:

Install ceiling fans: These use significantly less energy than air conditioners and are easy to operate. Installing a fan can be done yourself with basic DIY skills.

  • Change air filters regularly: Air filters are designed to capture dust and other airborne particles but can reduce the efficiency of HVAC systems. The filters should be replaced at least once every few months.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: These devices are designed to automatically control home temperatures based on personalised settings. A programmable thermostat will provide the most savings.
  • Install a wood stove: Wood stoves provide cost effective heating but come with additional responsibility. There are also safety considerations to evaluate before getting one installed.

Reducing heating and cooling usage with these methods can drastically lower your electricity bill.

2. Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs New measures have been passed to phase out incandescent bulbs in favour of more efficient alternatives. Bulbs that do not meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) established by the Australian Federal Government are now banned. New energy efficient lighting technologies include:

  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

These bulbs have been shown to significantly reduce energy usage and do not need to be replaced as often as traditional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lighting is likely contributing to a higher energy bill for your home. Replace these bulbs with more efficient alternatives such as LED lighting.

3. Be Responsible With Appliances and Electronics Consumers have higher demand for energy. Part of the reason is the unprecedented increase of electrical devices from kitchen appliances to televisions and cooling systems. The following will help to reduce energy usage:

  • Replace appliances with energy efficient alternatives
  • Turn off electronics that are not being used
  • Use major appliances during off peak hours
  • Unplug electronics and chargers when not in use
  • Seal and insulate windows to prevent leakage
  • Consider air drying clothing

The savings from implementing these energy saving tips can add up to a considerable amount each year. Another solution is to contact an electrical company in your area for recommendations on making your home more energy efficient and what steps to take.

Black Leather Sofas: Revamp Your Living Room

living room

Black leather sofas add an appealing look to your living room. These are comfortable to sit on without making you feel uncomfortably hot either. Industry experts noted that to add to the aesthetic appeal of your living room, you need to have a décor that highlights the black leather sofa as well. You can create a great living room ambience when you coordinate your theme and colours to match your leather couch.

living roomliving roomLeather sofas come in many different shades. Most people prefer having black collared sofas, because these look elegant and welcoming. Being a universal colour, black goes well with a number of other colours, including white, red, yellow, and other such colours.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind from regarding black leather sofas for sale:

– When redesigning your living room, attempt to form a strong and striking contrast against your black leather sofa. Vibrant accessories like throws, cushions, and rugs can make your couch look attractive.

– Pay close attention to the backdrop. You can paint the wall behind your black leather couching a colour that presents an attractive contrast against the couch. This will draw more attention to your sofa. You could also simply put up a wallpaper to bring out the best appearance of your couch as well. Attractive, contrasting curtains will add to the appeal of the room.

– The right amount of light can make your black leather sofa appear more welcoming. Strategically placed lamps on either sides of your couch will automatically make people want to sit on the couch more often than not. Warm overhead lights will add to the appeal of the black leathered sofa.

– Place attractive accent furniture in the room, as well. Additional pieces of furniture, like armoires and bookshelves can help make your living room more appealing. Lamps, vases, and pictures frames are good items to place in your living room.

Improve Your Home’s Value: Hire a Property Manager

property managerproperty managerIf you’ve been staying in the same home for a long time, it will certainly show signs of wear and tear. Even if you take really good care of your home, foundations will still weaken and termites may eat the walls away. To make sure your home stays in the best possible condition, you need regular maintenance.

When You Can’t Work on It

If you do not have the time or are unsure of what you can do, you can hire property management companies to help you. Property management becomes important if you are planning to sell your property. The lesser the signs of wear and tear, the higher will be the value of the property.

Before Hiring a Property Manager

Just because you hire a professional property manager doesn’t mean you’re going to burden him with the tasks of assessing your home. Look out for these signs in your home before hiring a professional.

• Scuff marks on the walls, woodworks, trims, doors and even the floors: These make your property look old and used. Buyers are usually particular about buying properties that look presentable and have less marks of usage. • Stained or damaged caulking: Stained or damaged caulks look beyond bad. These will work against you when you are looking to sell your property. • Loose fixtures: Over time, many fixtures in your home will become loose. These include locks, door knobs, towel bars, toilet paper holders and switches. Loose fixtures also make your home look sloppy. • Unkempt front yards: A potential buyer forms his first impression of your house by looking at the front yard. Unmaintained yards make your house lose its appeal. • Picture hangers: In every home, people put up family pictures to make the place feel homey. Hooks, nails, and mollies are accepted parts of normal wear and tear.

Many property management companies specialize in appraising homes and identifying normal signs of wear and tear. If you are thinking about putting your property on the market but still unsure of the value of your home, you should consider hiring a property manager. You can easily find property managers through online and local directories.

A Package Deal: A Rundown of Basic Mil-Spec Packaging Concepts

boxesboxesMilitary standards promote interoperability, but the jargon behind these standards is often intimidating. In fact, the number of US defense standards stood at 28,300 in 2003. This is due to their comprehensive nature, from the extremely specific such as programming language standards to broader fields like military packaging and transport.

Like all standards, military-grade packaging has a dictionary of terminology. This list does not detail these terms, but explains the core concepts of this standard.

  1. MIL-STD-129

This standard regulates the specifications of packaging. This involves labeling and the methods used to package supplies and equipment through container ships. One of the most important aspects of this standard is to simplify the identification of equipment, allowing the military to request for replacements.

Defense contractors employ MIL-STD-129P packaging. In addition, an industry is booming in the field of mil-spec packaging software, such as those of Milpac Technology, that simplifies the inventory and invoicing of defense-related deliverables.

  1. UID

UID stands for Unique Identification Marking, a compliance process that identifies every unit of equipment that costs over $5,000, consumables, and mission-critical gear. UIDs are similar to Social Security in that they cannot change, even if the item is re-engineered or revised.

  1. CAGE

CAGE is the five-digit Commercial and Government Entity code that the Defense Logistics Agency awards to suppliers for federal and military agencies. The system allows identifying any entity, especially those connected to the government, at any location. Any supplier that wishes to form a contract with the Department of Defense gains a CAGE code, which expires after a year.

  1. RFID

Radio frequency identification is an electronic method to track and identify tags on objects and items, and for military applications, to read UIDs. Many applications of RFID exist, such as for pets, anti-theft devices, and tracking endangered species. Military contractors use RFID to tag and recognize any item’s ID, catalog them and/or forward them as needed.


Not all good things come in small packages. MIL-STD-129 is certainly not small, but an idea of how the Department of Defense requires material to be packaged is the first step in one hundred percent compliance.

Keep Calm and Rest Smart: The Correct Posture During Pregnancy


Most pregnant women experience morning sickness in the morning, while others feel it all day. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through many changes, and these tend to disrupt your daily routine.

pregnantpregnantIf this is your first child, perhaps you’re excited and eager for some helpful information. One thing you should pay attention to is your posture. After all, good posture doesn’t just reduce body pain, but also gives your unborn baby more room to grow.

Don’t Slouch

Whether you’re going to drive or read a book, you have to sit smart. Always sit up with your back straight and put a small, fluffy pillow. When you’re not using a back support, sit on an exercise ball. This is a great way to let your abdomen become the hammock of your baby. Exercise balls can help keep your hips moving. As much as possible, don’ sit in the same position for more than an hour. Get up and move around.

Avoid Standing on One Hip

Don’t do this when doing dishes or ironing clothes. The correct way to stand up is to distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Look at yourself in a mirror and examine your posture. Do you notice anything wrong?

Always keep your knees straight, not locked. Doing this puts less strain on you, so you can carry your baby easier. If you can’t maintain a healthy posture, don’t hesitate to get some help. Dr. Mark Saunders, a well-respected and certified obstetrician and gynecologist, says that poor posture can also cause neck pain and fatigue.

Sleep Right

As your baby grows, your sleep position will affect the baby and your sleep quality. If you’re used to sleeping on your back, it’s time to change that. Experts say the best position is sleeping on your side, so you won’t experience shortness of breath. Rotating positions is fine, as long as it won’t cause discomfort.

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, these suggestions can help you be comfortable in any situation. Try these out and you’ll realize that they work. Think about your posture every day to keep your baby happy and healthy.