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Faux Heads: The Animal Trend in Interior Design


Interior designers introduce different trends every year and season, but one element constantly stands out despite the changes. It’s the use of animals, especially the deer, moose, and lion on faux animal heads. Designers and homeowners continue to use it in the bedroom, living, or dining room to improve home aesthetics.


Why the Animal Trend

Many people see the city asa demanding environment and the countryside as a relaxed setting. This is why many homeowners miss the old rustic atmosphere of their hometowns. They try to create one inside their home by using natural materials. Others simply love using animals as decoration because of their need to be in touch with nature.

Why Choose Faux

Mounting a realistic, faux animal head makes it easier for the family to accept design preferences. Some people shiver at the thought of having a dead animal in their home, while others see it as a reward worth displaying after a great hunting season. There’s nothing wrong if you agree with the latter, but remember that the image you project is also important. Neighbors and other visitors might not like what they’ll see.

The elements used in interior design differ, as many designers constantly think of new ways to improve home designs. If you’re looking for something to mount on your wall, faux animal heads are a good choice.

Before You Enter Om: What to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class


Many want to achieve peace, and they believe that they can attain it if they somehow felt or seen the culmination or representation of everything— Om. One can easily attain it through Yoga. You should keep in mind that achieving it will be a lengthy process, especially if you’re a beginner.


Equipment. Equipment is fairly simple. For those practicing regular yoga, you will just need a quality mat. On the other hand, you’ll have to get a hammock to practice aerial yoga.

Diet. There will be some slight changes in your diet. The discipline may prevent you from consuming certain types of meat and greens. When it comes to timing, you should avoid eating too much right before the class because of the extensive bending and twisting involved in the routines.

Hydration. Proper hydration is a must. Bring bottles of water and take sips during appropriate intervals.

Attire. Attire should remain simple and comfortable. It should not be too loose or too tight. The fabric shouldn’t be thick, especially if you’re doing yoga in a heated room.

Yoga is physically exhausting, but you’ll find peace of mind once you go through it wholeheartedly. Of all preparations, don’t just focus on looking for shops that offer aerial yoga hammocks, mats, and other equipment; prepare yourself mentally.