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Exploring Vietnam’s Popular Tourist Spots


Vietnam isn’t only famous for its rich history, but for the wonderful tourist attractions. Tourism is a key component of the Vietnamese economy; the country became a major destination in the 1990’s and receives five to seven million tourists every year.


Here are some of the most popular tourist spots in Vietnam:

Ha Long Bay

Vietnam holiday tours to Ha Long Bay give visitors a chance to see the beauty of a UNESCO heritage site. Ha Long Bay literally means “bay of descending dragons.” It features over 3,000 islands, enormous caves, gigantic rocks, and support floating villages of fishermen.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Featuring seven stories, the Thien Mu Pagoda is the tallest in Vietnam and the symbol of the country’s former imperial capital. The temple sits on the northern bank of the Perfume River and was built in 1601 during the rule of the Nguyễn Lords. Some tours to Vietnam include a visit to the pagoda.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels feature an immense network of underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi district, about 40 kilometres northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The tunnels were used as hiding spots and base of operations by Viet Cong guerrillas during the Vietnam War in 1968. Tourists are invited to crawl around the safer parts of the tunnel system.

3 Chic Bedroom Ideas for Your Teenage Daughter


Teenage girls change their minds quickly and have an extreme want for privacy. They require their personal space for relaxation, studying and entertainment. This is why you should incorporate her style and interests when decorating her bedroom. This gives her a feeling of control over her own environment.


From hiring painting services to incorporating accent lighting, these tips will surely help you come up with a well-decorated bedroom.


Take down or cover old wallpaper. Paint over walls that are over ten years old. Choose a colour palette for the room. Check photos online and in magazines to choose a style and shade for the girl’s bedroom. Cut out pictures from magazines to guide your colour choices. Get help from reliable painting contractors and ask for paint swatches to decide on a colour theme.

Decorative Accessories

Look for a classic piece of artwork. Black wooden frames with black and white photos add a sophisticated feel. Create an area of relaxation in your teen’s personal space by using artwork of her dream destination spots or of scenes from nature.


Handcrafted lampshades make great accent lighting. Buy silk flowers and cut the stems off at the bud to create a flowery lampshade for your daughter’s bedroom. Use colourful light bulbs instead of the standard ones to incorporate a unique party effect.

Your daughter’s bedroom is a place to express individuality, so allow her to incorporate ideas when decorating her space. Take your inspiration from her favourite colours and themes, and the rest of the design will follow.

Helping Parents Help their Children


When people apply for child support modification, it’s hard for some professionals to refer to a delinquent noncustodial parent as anything other than, for lack of better word, a “deadbeat.” This is a habit support services want to change, but also one that is sometimes justified. Truth is, there are really individuals without the capacity to fulfill obligations.


But, changes in culture, especially in cases that involve personal emotions, are encouraged. According to behavioral studies, individuals derided for negative habits or behavior traits have a greater chance of continuing their bad behavior. In the case of deadbeat parents, if individuals involved in the case (including people outside the family) work against them because of their persona, they will continue reinforcing that personality to the detriment of the child.

Service personnel, especially veteran staff, need to embrace the philosophy to work with troubled parents instead of against them. Positive reinforcement brings these parents into the process, allowing growth in responsibility and confidence, driving them to make alimony payments on time.

On some level, noncustodial parents recognize that they’ve made mistakes, and modification of support for their children is a small way for them to make amends. But, they don’t need people to remind them of their errors every time they write a check. Child support is about fulfilling a responsibility to a child, not a chore scratched off the list at the end of the month.

Fitness Secrets: How to Make Workouts More Fun and Enjoyable


The thought of burning calories to stay in shape is often met with a less than enthusiastic approach. For some people, getting off the couch and jumping on that elliptical or treadmill can be quite challenging. Here are some things you can try for a more fun workout session:


Find a Fitness Buddy

There’s nothing more fun than to have someone join your cause for a healthier lifestyle. Working out with a friend is a great way to lose some pounds while squeezing some face time together. You can motivate each other and plan a workout routine to get in the right exercise mood.

Set Routines for Different Exercise Equipment

Using different exercise equipment helps make your workout more interesting and less dull. Try different routines for one session. Go for ellipticals for cardio exercise, weight lifts for strength training, and dance classes for high-intensity workout.

Give Yourself a Reward

Setting rewards for your workout sessions is a great way to stay motivated. Get a massage at the spa or go on a holiday at your favorite vacation spot. This way, you’ll always have something to look forward to after a week of exercising.

The best way to make workouts fun is to set realistic goals and stay disciplined. Once you find a routine that matches your fitness expectations, you’ll be motivated to try elliptical workouts and treadmill jogs.

Spread the Love through Video SEO


Making a video is perhaps the best way to get attention on the internet. Videos display all the best things about the internet; they’re quick, informative, have a high potential of diversity, and aren’t boring. Videos display the essence of the internet, so it only makes sense that a company use it to their advantage as much as possible.


Many people familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO) may think about videos twice before actually using it for their purposes. This is understandable, especially if the only type of SEO content they’re familiar with is keyword matching in written content.

The goal of many SEO strategies is to build links to a website to heighten its ranking and view ability. Videos have the potential to share links hundreds, if not thousands of times, given that the content of the video is worth sharing. Nowadays, careers are built on the quality of video content, making the impact of the medium on search engine optimising practices all the more evident.

The line ‘people don’t share rubbish’ may raise a few eyebrows, as many videos worthy of the R-word have made their rounds on the web. But, the line would make more sense if you consider a video’s popularity is based on its promise of information, instead of subjective quality. If a video has something to offer, then it has the potential of going viral, raising your chances of sharing your content and site to a wider audience.