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More than a Marriage: Secrets to Finding the Right Business Partner

Creating partnership

Entering into a business partnership is no small commitment. Before you register your business, determine if you need a business partner to build a successful company. While having a business partner can be beneficial in many ways, finding someone to go into business with can seem hopeless.

Consider people with similar values

Both of you must have the ability to lift each other up when inspiration and excitement levels decline. Every business owner knows it happens in time. When you fail to meet expectations about achieving plan A and doing plan B, have someone that will motivate you to try again. Make sure you and your partner have the same mission and goals before even considering business registration in the Philippines. Business experts note that combining resources and local know-how is important.

Creating partnershipCreating partnership

Explore your choices thoroughly

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is jumping into a particular type of business before really getting to know their partners. Your personal network is a great source, but the local business community also has its own set of resources to offer. You may want to check them out and start searching for your prospective partner. Go to industry events aimed at the people whose knowledge and skill set you prefer.

Respond to your instinct

Most people think emotions have no place when it comes to making big, important business decisions. Research shows, however, emotional responses can actually be essential in making smart choices. In fact, some successful entrepreneurs rely on their instincts after a phone call. Feelings can help you filter through possibilities quickly.

Just like any other investment, you will realize that finding a business partner takes due diligence and consideration. It will take time, but it can turn out to be a potentially successful business plan once you find the right person.

Saving Your Business from Costly Legal Problems


Some businesses neglect the idea of hiring business lawyers until they encounter a legal dilemma. Truth is, most legal problems a business encounters can be avoided with the help of a reputable business lawyer. Many businesses think that hiring a lawyer is just an added expense. But, what they don’t realize that it’s much more cost-effective to prevent legal problems than to solve them later on. The Ticktin Law Group offers the following discussion on why it’s advisable to hire a top business lawyer.


Evaluating Potential Liability

Even in the initial stages of your business, a business lawyer can assist you immensely in troubleshooting potential legal liabilities that are commonly associated with your chosen industry. These include the implications of your chosen business structure. If your industry has a high rate of possible lawsuits, the lawyer can suggest either a corporation or an LLC structure to provide protection to your personal assets.

Evaluating Legalities involved in Partnerships

For a business to grow, sometimes it needs to partner with other businesses to become a formidable force in the industry. A business lawyer will help you protect your interests and inform you about the aspects of the partnership that could have some potential issues. In this setup, anything from shares or profits, losses, and management aspects could lead to disagreements. The lawyer can set it up so that duties, responsibilities and boundaries are properly delineated, so that expectations can be tempered and conflicts avoided.

Help with Customers

A business lawyer can also assist you in dealing with customers, especially in the event of a dispute. The lawyer can draft the necessary legal documents to protect your rights and prevent or discourage frivolous claims.

Ultimately, a reputable business lawyer complies with all the applicable laws to your business. Why wait for legal problems to creep up on you, when you can have a lawyer prevent them from ever seeing the light of day?

4 Practical Reminders for First-Time Home Buyers

Single family home

When you finally earn your own money, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that you can do. This is why you need to have a good sense of how to manage your finances as early as possible. This will come in handy, especially when you have to make a major purchase, a home and property package, for instance.

Single family homeSingle family home

There a many things to consider when buying a new home, particularly if it is your first time. You have to be careful and certain of the purchase details before signing off on the deal. Here are some reminders to get you started:

Compute your mortgage

Set a realistic budget first, so you know which package you should choose. Take into account the monthly payment you have to make and the interest rates that come with it. Fortunately, some websites like My Great Loan offer easy-to-use mortgage calculator that you can use to determine your purchasing capacity.

Improve your credit score

Credit score is a huge factor when applying for home loans. Check if your credit rating is still in the acceptable range. For good measure, though, improve your credit score before you make any huge purchase. This will help you apply for loans faster and easier.

Old homes might be for you

When you are tight on budget and cannot find a new and decent property package, you might want to consider old homes. According to home design experts Houzz, a bit of creativity and planning will help you make the most of old homes and maintain their great condition.

Consider other options

Do not just stick to one card; if you are looking for good property, it pays to have many options. So if one deal falls through, you have other choices to pursue. Stay away from rent-to-own home options, though. According to real estate professionals, there are many pitfalls to such a setup.

Buying your first home can be a bit frustrating. The rewards of finally having a place to call your home will make all the effort worth it.

Protect Your Business: Reporting Accidents in the Construction Industry

Scaffolding in a construction site

Like with any business, you must set your objectives, make plans for achieving them, and implement your strategies efficiently. Your duty as a construction company owner, however, includes protecting your workers and ensuring the safe operation of your factory and machinery.

Safety will always be an important part of your business. Your commitment to providing a safe workplace should acknowledge your responsibility to report accident as well. According to Business & Safety Printing, incident and injury reports are “a standard requirement that all injuries, incidents and hazards are properly reported, investigated and acted upon. The forms should be designed to be easily used and understood, while also acting as an accurate recording of the details of an incident.”

Scaffolding in a construction siteScaffolding in a construction site

Apart from creating a safety checklist, you need to identify workplace hazards and common accidents.

Falls from height

Constructions workers are required to work from high heights, which makes it one of the most dangerous jobs. In fact, construction industry is a priority when it comes to taking action on safety. The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy is focusing on reducing traumatic injuries in this industry.

Falling objects

Falling objects such as materials, debris, and tools pose a potentially fatal threat to workers. Sometimes, relying on safety gears is not enough, which is why it is better to prevent accidents by installing fences and barricades. Doing this may reduce the amount of objects from falling onto employees below. You may install safety nets as well because these catch falling debris.

Faulty equipment

If you have power tools that allow workers to complete their job quickly, then you are responsible for keeping those pieces of equipment in good working condition. Conduct repairs and regular maintenance to be sure that there are no defective machines.

Injuries could vary from minor bruises to more serious damages such as head and brain injuries. The first thing you need to do is develop effective health and safety policy. This may help you change the way you manage the workplace.

Avoiding that Bloody Mess: Ordering Meat Products Online

Red meat

If you’re fed up with shopping at supermarkets and purchasing less than stellar quality meats, try to look for online butchers selling wholesale products. This is the ultimate solution if you can’t find a local butcher in your area.

Most websites of meat sellers concentrate on high-end products, which could be a bit pricey for the average consumer. As with any other product, the price doesn’t automatically equate to quality. Fortunately, there are butchers online offering good-quality products for a reasonable cost.

The idea of buying meat over the Internet may seem like an unusual practice for conventional shoppers. But with a bit of research, you’ll understand how easy it is to get all your meat requirements from an online butcher and put all your fears to rest. To understand all the steps, here’s a simple tutorial from

MeatCart, a Brisbane-based team of meat specialists:

Red meatRed meat

Category and Cut

Choose from beef, lamb, pork, and poultry products, among others. Afterwards, choose your desired cut. For instance, if you’re going to prepare steaks, go for tenderloin cut, porterhouse or T-bone, depending on your preference.


Once you’ve selected your preferred meat and cut, you’ll be directed to another window where you can indicate the weight and size of the meat you need. For example, for sirloin steaks, you have the option of choosing from 5 Oz, 80z and so on. All you have to do is to toggle on the selection.


Once you’ve completed your orders, the next step is proceeding to the online butcher checkout counter. Enter your personal information as well as the delivery and credit card payment details.


The last step is to wait for the delivery of your items. It’s as simple as that. You won’t have to go out in the cold or brave the rain just so to get your meat. You can shop conveniently through an online shop, and you’ll have no worries regarding the quality of products and services.