3 Chic Bedroom Ideas for Your Teenage Daughter


Teenage girls change their minds quickly and have an extreme want for privacy. They require their personal space for relaxation, studying and entertainment. This is why you should incorporate her style and interests when decorating her bedroom. This gives her a feeling of control over her own environment.


From hiring painting services to incorporating accent lighting, these tips will surely help you come up with a well-decorated bedroom.


Take down or cover old wallpaper. Paint over walls that are over ten years old. Choose a colour palette for the room. Check photos online and in magazines to choose a style and shade for the girl’s bedroom. Cut out pictures from magazines to guide your colour choices. Get help from reliable painting contractors and ask for paint swatches to decide on a colour theme.

Decorative Accessories

Look for a classic piece of artwork. Black wooden frames with black and white photos add a sophisticated feel. Create an area of relaxation in your teen’s personal space by using artwork of her dream destination spots or of scenes from nature.


Handcrafted lampshades make great accent lighting. Buy silk flowers and cut the stems off at the bud to create a flowery lampshade for your daughter’s bedroom. Use colourful light bulbs instead of the standard ones to incorporate a unique party effect.

Your daughter’s bedroom is a place to express individuality, so allow her to incorporate ideas when decorating her space. Take your inspiration from her favourite colours and themes, and the rest of the design will follow.