5 Must-Know Money-Saving Tips for the Apartment Life


The apartment life has its own charm, especially when you consider the level of independence living in one. But it comes with a cost – a hefty one, at that. Soon enough, you might be surprised at how expensive the apartment life can get, especially when you have no idea how to keep your costs down.

apartmentapartmentFortunately, you don’t have to reach that point before you maintain a more frugal life in an apartment. Here are some tips that can help you save some money whilst living the apartment life:

Negotiate Your Rate

You’re practical – not a cheapskate – when you know how to haggle your rent. It’s perfectly normal to try and get a lower rate for the space you would rent. After all, an apartment isn’t exactly the cheapest investment out there. Establish a good relationship with your (would-be) landlord and polish your negotiation skills to lower your costs.

Share the Expense

Living the solo life (especially on your first apartment) can be quite costly, so consider sharing the expense with a roommate. When you have someone to live with, you automatically halve your expenses – not to mention that you feel less lonely with some company around.

PointCorp.com.au says many apartment units for sale have two bedrooms, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having some privacy and your own personal space.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Not because you have an AC available means you have to turn it on whenever it’s a little hot. An AC, after all, consumes a substantial amount of energy – which takes its toll on your electricity bill. The best course of action is to keep your energy costs down even through simple ways, such as opening the windows or installing shades and curtains.

Furnish on the Cheap

Don’t get too excited at the prospect of living in an apartment, even if it’s your first time. Your excitement can drive you overboard with your furniture shopping, so get a grip before you head to the store. As much as possible, get double-duty furniture pieces to save on the expenses and maximise your space.

Strategise Your Use of Space

Speaking of space, it’s easier to maintain a low-cost apartment life when you know how to manage your space. Many renters spend a lot on storage, so a good strategy with where your possessions go can significantly keep your living costs down. If you’re running out of surfaces where to store your items, use these ingenious storage hacks.

Apartment life may be challenging finance-wise, but that doesn’t mean it should break the bank. Keep these strategies in mind to maintain a practical lifestyle.