Artificial Christmas Trees: Naughty or Nice?

christmas tree

christmas treechristmas treeTo enjoy Christmas festivities without spending a lot of money and getting troubled by health and safety hazards, why not go for artificial Christmas trees? Apart from the convenience, affordability and environmental impact, artificial trees are considered especially appealing for their investment value when compared with the recurrent, annual expense of a real Christmas tree.

Since the invention of these alternatives in the early 1930s, well-made artificial Christmas trees from have continued to gain widespread popularity. Here are some of the reasons these trees have become a common choice for many homeowners:

Man-made Materials – Durable decorations made of plastic and resins are an ideal option because of their durability. Artificial Christmas trees are in no way inferior to the natural version, both in appearance and style. High quality materials used in these items provide a wide range of choices in terms of size, shade and foliage to match the taste of every customer. Also, they retain their original look even after several years. They’re less prone to wear and tear.

Ease of Use – Artificial Christmas trees are convenient. Packed in quality boxes, these trees retain their original shape and texture, even after unpacking them. Reassembling the branches and sections is also easy, making these trees the perfect choice for busy homeowners.

Minimum Maintenance – Unlike natural trees, artificial trees do not demand frequent vacuum cleaning. There is no need for any special care, messy watering and other complex maintenance tasks. You can display them a few months prior to the festivities and remove them easily at the end of the season.

Money Friendly Option – Buying real pine trees every year is costly, so homeowners can save more with artificial trees, as they are a one-time investment.

Free from Safety and Health Concerns – Real trees may pose serious threats to health and safety, but artificial trees reduce the risks of fire due to their fire resistant materials.

Real trees also tend to attract more dust —one of the major causes of allergies. So, for commercial and residential Christmas displays, man-made trees are the best choice. Don’t forget to fill them up with homemade decorations and other ornaments.