Different Garden Designs To Suit Your Lifestyle

gardengardenWith the great amount of outdoor space and rich flora and fauna in Essex, property owners in the area are sure to want a well-kept garden. This is something that the landscape gardeners of Essex are very much well-aware of.

Through the years they have become very familiar not only with the earth, the flowers and plants that suit the county’s season, but also not surprising the varied requests from their clients. One thing for sure though, the talent and capabilities of landscape gardeners are without any doubt, top-notch.

Many of these companies, cites experts from Oakleighmanor.com, are very much acquainted with the various styles of gardens and gardening.  Landscape gardeners are very capable of working in every design and, through the years, have worked on every possible landscape design available. Here are some of the typical garden designs that they are very much familiar with.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens may look simple, but take a lot of work. They typically work on simple elements: nicely arranged rocks, well-brushed sand, and manicured lawns or bushes. The effect should be very relaxing and if there is a pool available, typically, there will be a fish or two swimming in it. The purpose of the Japanese garden, with its obsessive detail and symmetry, is to provide a place of relaxation and contemplation.

Spanish Gardens

Spanish gardens on the other hand are usually a mixture of Moorish architecture and fragrant flowers. Long water channels are optional, but a few lush trees are typically found dotting the garden to provide shade. This type of garden is usually perfect for warm climates and gives off a romantic feel.

English Gardens

English gardens are all about being ideal: the lawns, though not as perfectly manicured as the French aristocratic gardens are still well-kept, the lake, and the gazebo. Gothic architecture also figures very much into the design with influences coming from the 18th century. The effect that the English gardens usually go for is to appear painterly, even poetically, as if it is fit for a postcard or for a painter to paint.

If you are ever to visit Essex, you will not want for beautiful gardens to visit. You can take delight in the colours and lovely designs; they may even inspire you to grow your own garden.