Family Matters: Elderly Care Begins at Home


As people get older, managing things on their own starts to become challenging. Family members may not always be available to assist their elderly loved ones in household activities due to busy schedules. During such situations, home care services can help.


Many agencies provide different types of home care services. Understanding their differences can help you choose the home care service that your elderly loved one may need.

Here are the different types of elderly home care services available:

Doctor Care

This type of service is suitable for seniors who require medical attention at home. In this set-up, a doctor will visit your home to provide treatment or perform a health check. You may also arrange a periodical review for the general health of all family members.

Nursing Care

If your elderly loved one prefers to stay at home rather than in a senior care centre, you can arrange for a registered nurse to visit your home every day. According to, professional home help services usually include wound dressing, intravenous therapy, ostomy care, medication intake, pain control, overall health monitoring, and any other kind of health support.

Physical, Speech or Occupational Therapy

This type of home care service is suitable for seniors who need any kind of rehabilitation service to improve their motor or speech functions. A physical therapist will help in strengthening the muscles or joints of the patients. An occupational therapist will help in improving self-help skills like eating, dressing, and bathing. A speech therapist helps seniors in communicating clearly.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides are much like a personal nurse. They help seniors perform basic personal needs like getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing. They can even accompany the elderly when going out for a walk or shopping for groceries.

Leaving your elderly loved ones in the hands of home care service providers doesn’t mean abandonment. It’s simply a way of ensuring your loved one will be properly cared for in your absence.