Keep Calm and Rest Smart: The Correct Posture During Pregnancy


Most pregnant women experience morning sickness in the morning, while others feel it all day. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through many changes, and these tend to disrupt your daily routine.

pregnantpregnantIf this is your first child, perhaps you’re excited and eager for some helpful information. One thing you should pay attention to is your posture. After all, good posture doesn’t just reduce body pain, but also gives your unborn baby more room to grow.

Don’t Slouch

Whether you’re going to drive or read a book, you have to sit smart. Always sit up with your back straight and put a small, fluffy pillow. When you’re not using a back support, sit on an exercise ball. This is a great way to let your abdomen become the hammock of your baby. Exercise balls can help keep your hips moving. As much as possible, don’ sit in the same position for more than an hour. Get up and move around.

Avoid Standing on One Hip

Don’t do this when doing dishes or ironing clothes. The correct way to stand up is to distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Look at yourself in a mirror and examine your posture. Do you notice anything wrong?

Always keep your knees straight, not locked. Doing this puts less strain on you, so you can carry your baby easier. If you can’t maintain a healthy posture, don’t hesitate to get some help. Dr. Mark Saunders, a well-respected and certified obstetrician and gynecologist, says that poor posture can also cause neck pain and fatigue.

Sleep Right

As your baby grows, your sleep position will affect the baby and your sleep quality. If you’re used to sleeping on your back, it’s time to change that. Experts say the best position is sleeping on your side, so you won’t experience shortness of breath. Rotating positions is fine, as long as it won’t cause discomfort.

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, these suggestions can help you be comfortable in any situation. Try these out and you’ll realize that they work. Think about your posture every day to keep your baby happy and healthy.