The Limits of No Pain, No Gain: 3 Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

inside the gym

inside the gyminside the gymRegular exercise helps you lose weight and promotes good sleep, but it also makes you tired. The cliché “No Pain, No Gain” does not always apply when exercising. Sure, sore muscles can be a good thing, but it may disrupt you from doing other tasks.

Now that you’ve finally decided to get in shape and buy fitness equipment for your home gym, you may want to stay safe and healthy by minding the following:

Listen to your body

Know your body and be patient. Your body will tell you when they are hurting. If you have knee problems, for instance, you may want to use an elliptical machine or a stationary bike. Famous fitness expert, Foothill Fitness shares that it’s important to buy equipment that won’t put pressure on your weak body part. In addition, don’t attempt to rush on finishing your exercise routine. Doing so will only put you at risk for pulling a muscle. Always prepare your body before doing any exercise. Warm up can only take about five to ten minutes.

Choose comfort over style

Before you try an intense workout, it’s best to choose the right shoes that will keep your feet comfortable. Wrong shoes can cause injury and end your fitness goals. You may go with running shoes, when you only plan to jog, walk, or run on a treadmill. Cross-trainers, on the other hand, are perfect for home gym, weight lifting, and aerobics. Buy the shoes that feel good on your feet and ankle.

Make a training plan

Consider starting a training schedule to greatly reduce your risk of having an injury. Running on a treadmill daily for half an hour is good, but doing strength training every day can be bad. If your body is telling you to stop or something is not right, you should listen. You need to schedule rest to allow your sore muscles to heal. A day of rest from workout can create wonders.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but it is important to know how to stay fit without getting hurt. Don’t push yourself too hard, as you won’t achieve the results you want.