Spread the Love through Video SEO


Making a video is perhaps the best way to get attention on the internet. Videos display all the best things about the internet; they’re quick, informative, have a high potential of diversity, and aren’t boring. Videos display the essence of the internet, so it only makes sense that a company use it to their advantage as much as possible.


Many people familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO) may think about videos twice before actually using it for their purposes. This is understandable, especially if the only type of SEO content they’re familiar with is keyword matching in written content.

The goal of many SEO strategies is to build links to a website to heighten its ranking and view ability. Videos have the potential to share links hundreds, if not thousands of times, given that the content of the video is worth sharing. Nowadays, careers are built on the quality of video content, making the impact of the medium on search engine optimising practices all the more evident.

The line ‘people don’t share rubbish’ may raise a few eyebrows, as many videos worthy of the R-word have made their rounds on the web. But, the line would make more sense if you consider a video’s popularity is based on its promise of information, instead of subjective quality. If a video has something to offer, then it has the potential of going viral, raising your chances of sharing your content and site to a wider audience.

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